Topping our list and claiming the number one position in the “Best Beaches of Bocas del Toro” countdown is Red Frog Beach. The most accommodating of all the beaches in Bocas del Toro, Red Frog sits on a gorgeous stretch of Isla Bastimentos and is bookended by two popular restaurant bars. Having these amenities conveniently within reach allows beachgoers to enjoy a day in the sun without too much prior planning. With water and food taken care of, it’s always guaranteed great day to show up, pay the park entry fee, hitch a ride on the beach shuttle or take a scenic 10 minute jungle walk and find yourself on the shore of one of the most picturesque coastlines offered in the archipelago. At one end of the beach, Palmar Tent Lodge has an amazing patio with comfy chairs and couches, and often has daytime BBQs, live music, and a tasty lunch menu. Just a short walk away, Punta Lava Bar & Grill also has an established menu, a bar full of tasty island cocktails and even a WiFi hotspot. While some prefer to shack up in the shade of the jungle foliage for free, for just a few bucks you can rent a lawn chair or a shady cabana for the afternoon. The water doesn’t get too rough for most of the year and is appealing to families with children, as well as bodysurfers and those who just love to splash around. This popular beach provides ample people watching while still allowing plenty of space for sports, relaxation, and activities. It’s a perfect and charming mix of small-town paradise with all of the amenities of the more populated tourist destinations in Central America.