Coming in at #3 on our “Top Ten Beaches of Bocas del Toro Countdown” are Las Islas Zapatillas. This pristine and remote set of islands offers by far the best place in the entire Bocas del Toro archipelago to completely escape and “get away’ from it all. A half hour boat ride from Isla Colon (on a fast ponga) Zapatilla is composed of two breathtakingly beautiful islands that emerge from the surrounding coral reef. They are protected as a part of the Bastimentos National Marine Park and are completely undeveloped, appearing in the same natural state as they have for millennia. Small in size, they can be properly explored and circumnavigated in just a half hour. With colorful reef scattered in the shallows surrounding each island, Zapatilla is also superb for snorkeling. Whether you’re seeking solitude, romance or seclusion with a close group of friends, these two slices of paradise will never disappoint. So get in the Cast Away spirit and claim your own island – or two – for the day!