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Frequently Asked Questions

A Panama Concierge seasoned guide will lead the charge.  He/she can be there to lead every step of the way or can steer you in the right direction so you can lead yourselves and choose your own adventure.  We offer everything in between – just let us know and we’re here for you!

Yes!  Depending on the size of your group you can get anywhere from 10% off to a free trip!  You also have the option of  “spreading the love” to the other members of the group.  This means we’ll give you the option of a large personal discount or a smaller per person discount for all members of the group.

We are adamantly opposed to excluding anyone who wants to make their trip a reality.  If you’re low on funds we have two options.  We can put you on a payment plan that extends beyond the end of the trip to ensure low monthly payments, or we can figure out a separate budget for you that includes as much of the group’s itinerary as possible.

This depends entirely on how many friends you have who are willing to escape the real world for a week (or more) and experience the magic of Panama!  Our motto is the more the merrier (and the cheaper too!)

Travel Insurance is never a bad idea.  We recommend checking prior to a Panama Concierge vacation.

Yes.  While tap water is refreshing and clean throughout most of Panama (including Panama City) – this is not the case in Bocas.  But fear not!  We provide fresh water at all of your accommodations and during all activities for everyone in the group.

Panama conveniently operates on the US dollar. No need to worry about exchange rates or any added confusion.

Awesome – we respect your individuality.  Just select from the activities you know you’ll want to be a part of and we’ll include only those in a separate price for you.  Don’t worry about missing out on the other itinerary features b/c you can always join in and pay out of pocket once you’re there.

Totally fine.  We encourage the all-inclusive package because historically our groups have enjoyed these trips the most.  This is your trip and yours to customize.  Select as many or as little services as you need.

Not to worry.  We can provide the same incredible experience for solo travelers and couples.  We recommend bigger groups so that we can ensure bigger discounts.

Once the group is in agreement with the itinerary and pricing we require an initial non-refundable deposit of $500.  This allows us to begin working with the local service providers to plan your adventure.  We then present payment plans for each member of the group.  Each person has the option of paying in one lump sum, or through several lower recurring payments at no additional cost.

This will take place during the collaboration process.  We will communicate directly with your group’s leader(s), presenting them with all recommended options based on the group’s priorities.  The leader then communicates with the group to select their favorite itinerary.  We then present the price, on a per person basis, for the trip.

Absolutely.  Whether you are traveling for a bachelor/bachelorette party, a birthday, a college reunion or a romantic getaway, we will customize your plans to fit the occasion.  See the Sample Trips section of our site for a few ideas.

First, get in touch with us right here.  Fill out the brief questionnaire so we get a feel for your group size and priorities.  We will then collaborate with you to create the Panama experience that’s right for you.

Our most economical (and popular) option includes everything aside from the international flight (always to be purchased by the individual).  This means: Your accommodations, meals and snacks, beverages (alcoholic and non), transportation (flights, cars, boats), adventures (sailing, ATV quadding, ziplining etc), Private Boat Captain, Private Chef etc is included in the package price.  This is our recommended option, and we can include as much or as little as you desire.

This depends entirely on you and your group’s ideal vacation.  During the planning phase we will determine your priorities and base the trip around them.  We generally recommend a mix of adventure, relaxation, discovery, pampering (for our ladies groups) and partying.

We are highly experienced group travel coordinators and have a proven track record of creating and executing amazing vacations. We live in Panama, know the country inside and out and have developed business relationships with the top service providers here. We customize your trip based on your group’s priorities to ensure its success. We’ll save you time and leverage your group’s size to save you money. Did we mention… we are also masters in the art of fun!

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